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GlamNeedleHolder™ came about because as a wig maker I know first hand how important it is to have the right tools. Organization is key for me. As I was knotting I noticed all the needle holders had the same look; boring, uninspiring and confusing. Is this holder a one hair hook or a 3-4 hair hook? Taped colorful pieces of paper on my holder was not cute and after a few hours of knotting they became uncomfortable. So after glamming up my own needleholders in my garage...GlamNeedleHolder™ was created! Here at GlamNeedleHolder™ we love glitter, bling, color and custom looks. Each needle holder is a customized one of kind piece to help bring organization and fun into your wig making game and to bring some Glam into your life.

*GlamNeedleHolder™ falls under the registered and Trademarked brands KnotItTogether® and NiokiesKnots®.*

All rights reserved. 

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